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Rapid Fired Pizza

Making “No Doh” a no-brainer.

Results Summary

During the two months our campaign ran, it achieved a cost-per-conversion 62% lower than industry averages and saw month-over-month gains. In addition, we achieved a 30.19% month-over-month increase in search impressions for the product name (No Doh Pizza) and a close variant (No Dough Pizza).

The Challenge

Fast casual restaurant Rapid Fired Pizza wanted to increase awareness and sales for their “No Doh Pizza” product line, adding two flourless alternatives for those with dietary preferences or restrictions. 

Our biggest hurdle was challenging consumer misconceptions that affordable, fast casual dining options can’t be healthy.

Targeted, tactical, tasty.

The Approach

We focused on driving awareness through strategically placed ads on YouTube, while also using Google Search Ads to target individuals actively searching for low-carb, carb-free, or keto-friendly pizza options in areas where Rapid Fired Pizza operates.

Cooking up above-average results.

The Result

Our Google search ads conversion rate (clicks through to place an online order) came in at 5.77% in January and 7.60% in February—far exceeding the restaurant industry average of 3.24%. In addition, our No Doh ads had a cost-per-conversion of $21.30 in January and $11.53 in February, compared to an industry average of $56.76. (We ran these ads exclusively in January and February to target folks pursuing health-related New Year’s resolutions.) 

It’s worth noting that these analytics include online orders only—when you factor in phone and in-store orders, conversions would be considerably higher (and cost-per-conversion even lower.)

Our YouTube ads raked in 351,435 impressions, with 40.97% of viewers watching the ad from start to finish, indicating a very positive reception. Month-over-month, this translated to a 30.19% increase in search impressions for the product name (No Doh Pizza) and a close variant (No Dough Pizza).