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Marketing in Montana is Different

Why is Montana marketing different?

It’s largely thanks to the wide range of Internet speeds and cell phone access (or lack thereof). The average Internet speed in Montana is just 8.45 Mbps, which is two-thirds slower than the national average! Just ask St. Gregory’s Vice President of Digital Marketing, Alex Webb, who for years after moving from the city of Kalispell to the Creston area could only get 2 Mbps Internet. (Don’t worry, she survived.)

Varying Internet speeds and lack of cell phone service must be taken into account when putting together a marketing plan for a Montana business. Alex has spent years working with local organizations to develop marketing strategies that work in Montana. Organizations like:

  • Tails as Old as Time, a senior dog rescue
  • Authors of the Flathead, a non-profit writing group
  • Flathead Lakers, a land and water stewardship organization
  • Rotary Club of Kalispell, an international service organization

Regardless of what part of Montana your business is located in, we’re confident that our resident digital marketing pros, led by Alex, can help you put together a winning plan. Here are just a few of the digital marketing areas St. Gregory specializes in:

  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Marketing and Website Audits and Reports
  • Tracking Architecture Builds (Google Analytics, GA4, and Google Tag manager)
  • Paid Digital Marketing (Google Ads, Paid Social Media)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Content Creation and Marketing

At St. Gregory, we recognize that digital marketing is constantly changing … even Montana marketing tactics have to regularly evolve to stay effective! So we’ve made it a point to dedicate time on a daily basis to continuing education for our digital marketing team. They’re currently working on a course in marketing psychology. Past courses have led to certifications in:

And now, a note from Vice President of Digital Marketing, Alex …

I have 12 years of experience crafting holistic marketing strategies for B2B and B2C companies. I’ve worked with companies all over the world. However, my favorite is working with companies in my own backyard. (That’s you, Montana!)

In fact, if your business is located in Montana, I’d like to offer you a totally free, no-obligation Google Analytics audit, where I’ll personally take a look at your current tracking configuration and offer any recommendations.

So if you have questions about your current marketing efforts and how to take them to the next level or want to get that free Google Analytics audit, I’d love to hear from you. (Seriously, my non-marketing colleagues are tired of hearing me talk about this stuff!) So drop me a line by filling out our contact form or give me a call directly at 406-407-8949.

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