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Alex Webb

Alex Webb

Living in Montana, Alex is as likely to be lost in a good book as she is to be lost in the woods (hiking). She’s St. Gregory’s resident digital and Internet marketing strategy expert—and llama trainer. (No, really, doesn’t every company need one of those?)

In her 12 years in marketing, Alex has worked in both the B2B and B2C spaces across a variety of industries including SaaS, entertainment, medical, legal, fitness, and finance. Some of her proudest achievements are working on award-winning documentaries, including No Greater Love and Chasing Einstein.

Google – Google Ads, Google Analytics
HubSpot – Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social media
CXL – Google Analytics 4

Alex is passionate about using her Internet marketing strategy skills to give back to her adopted Montana community and has done work with:

Tails as Old as Time
Authors of the Flathead
Flathead Lakers
Rotary Club of Kalispell

Read more about the internet marketing strategy work I’m doing in Montana here.