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Nice to meet ya.

We’re the advertising agency you’ve been searching for.

We’re St. Gregory, a full-service marketing and advertising agency…

and so much more.

We take a people-first approach, combine it with data, creativity, and years of seasoned know-how to solve your most difficult challenges and deliver results that move the needle (or the whole haystack.)

Our Team

Kyle O'Daniel

Kyle O’Daniel


Steve Bleh

Steve Bleh

Senior Vice President

Julie Hawkins

Julie Hawkins

Business Manager

Stan Schulte

VP Digital Marketing

Dan Lally

Daniel Lally

VP Strategic Communications

Antoine Percy

Antoine Percy

Creative Director

Emily Oslica

Emily Oslica

Media Director

Joshua Roflow

Joshua Roflow

Senior Designer

Katie Putnam

katie putnam

Senior Copywriter

Scotty Swemba

Editor / Motion Graphics

We Put Relationships First.

Your direct contact will always be a senior-level executive, whether you’re working with one of our account managers, PR or digital strategy leads, or creative team members.

And unlike many other advertising agencies, we don’t bill for account management time. So go ahead: Call or email us with your questions, concerns, or epiphanies-you-had-in-the-shower any time without fear of accumulating a bill.

Oh, and we don’t do contracts. You’re free to come and go as you please, but we think you’ll want to stick around. After all, some of our clients have been with us for over 20 years. (The advertising agency industry average? Just 3.2 years.)

We’re Creative and Passionate.

We’re the type of people that get into spirited debates about the Oxford comma, build Data Studio reports for fun, and get as excited about creating our animated company Christmas card as we do about Santa coming. And we’re not satisfied with the status quo: More than just coming up with pretty words and graphics, we toss and tumble new ideas around until they shine, arranging and rearranging elements to come up with concepts that are innovative, captivating, and reflect your business like nobody else can.

“Data-driven” is more than a buzzword here. Data guides everything from our budget planning to our creative, meaning you’ll never have to worry about a “throw it up there and see what sticks” approach. Our digital team holds certifications from HubSpot, CXL, Google Ads, and Google Analytics, while relentlessly keeping up on the latest data trends and best practices.

You might notice other advertising agencies regularly tout their industry awards. While awards look impressive, we don’t chase accolades—though we’ve won ‘em. Instead, we benchmark our success by our clients’ gains and growth. Ask about our skillset and your success is what we’ll tout all day long—and that’s how we think it should be.