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Why Event Marketing Is Different

At St. Gregory Group, we have a 20-year track record of drawing big crowds. In that time, we’ve learned that event marketing is different than marketing anything else. It requires a level of urgency, targeting, strategy and execution that demands absolute perfection, in a short amount of timebecause the only consumer touchpoint for an event is the promotion itself.

No Storefront

Some events are nationally known, with such a long history that they have instant brand recognition. Others, like the ones we promote, are more local, less famous and less frequent. They require branding, promotion and an extremely targeted marketing strategy all at the same time, every time. Depending on the event, you may have only one to two months to make a strong consumer connection.

And since there’s no storefront, you know that every person who comes to an event is a direct result of your marketing and promotion efforts.

High Urgency and a Small Profit Window 

Unlike other brands and products, you only have a few days to “make good” in an event. You’d better earn profits in that time and the only way to do that is to reach your target market with compelling promotions.

Compact Media

The timing has to be perfect and the run time on media is shorter. You need to know exactly when to start and finish in order to draw crowds.

Follow-Up Spots

There should be follow-up radio and TV spots during the event itself, with specific reminders and highlights for sub-events and giveaways that have mass appeal.

To be successful, an event must satisfy a deep needand you must know what that need is. It isn’t like a lot of products—it’s a luxury and it requires a significant energy investment. You’re selling an experience, not something that can be had and held forever. You need to uncover the emotional, the social and the practical benefits. You need to dive into your target and uncover their most important values and needs.

What unmet needs does this event fulfill? Know the answer, because you only have one chance to get it right.