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Great visuals are a critical component to having a successful social media design and social media marketing that drives engagement. This is even more important on highly visual channels like Facebook and Instagram. Here are some tips that will help you become that social media champion and ensure your social media design is on point.


How your images are cropped is crucial. If you center all of your content, the images are a lot less interesting. Instead, try cropping the subject so that it’s off-center. This will draw the audience into the image. Also, don’t crop your subject so that it is right on the edge of a shape—either crop it off or don’t crop it at all. Avoid awkward tangents created by hard lines like rooflines, doors and windows. This will help optimize the visuals that you are using for your social media design.

Image Size

Always make sure to use the optimum image size that’s available and is the correct aspect ratio for each social channel. Images that aren’t correctly sized look unprofessional.


Lighting in photography is one of the most fundamental aspects of social media design. Your subject should always be well lit with plenty of contrast between lights and darks. Flat images will not grab anyone’s attention. The more dynamic, the better.

Stock Photography

Stock photography can be used successfully for social media design, but it needs to be top quality. Don’t use images that are overly staged or predictable. Everyone has seen the cliché images of businesspeople shaking hands or attractive people smiling. If you are going to use stock photography, make it as authentic as possible. Try using photography that’s captured by a professional photographer and unique to your brand.

Here are some great resources


Photography should always be on-brand. Try to develop a consistent look and feel—it will make your feed more interesting and help you convey the right message to your audience. Use similar lighting, style and tone so your feed looks cohesive. If you work for a corporation, chances are you have brand guidelines that cover social media marketing or social media design. Reference that document as needed to make sure that you are following the rules.


Using low-resolution images is the kiss of death in social media design. Each channel continues to make improvements to their platforms. If you are using a smartphone to take images, make sure it is a newer model with a quality camera. Go to each social channel’s site and check the recommended specifications before posting any images as part of your social media marketing efforts.

Unique Camera Angles

If you’re shooting your own photography for social media design, try this: change the orientation of the camera to create interest or shoot the photo from a different vantage point (like from higher to lower, for example). Mix it up to keep things fresh.


It isn’t always about how many images you post—the old adage is true … so focus on quality, instead. Even a few bad photos can lessen the impact of your presence and turn off your audience. People are constantly bombarded with media these days—don’t fall victim to your audience tuning you out because of bad imagery.

Social media marketing is a powerful way to promote your brand, products and services. Garnering engagement and growing your audience is always satisfying—so keep at it! If you run into hiccups, we’re here to help. Our social media team is HubSpot certified and knows the ins and outs of all-things social media design.