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Measuring the ROI from your Pinterest Investment Just Got Easier

There’s really no better form of marketing—nor a more encouraging validation of your product—than when happy customers take to the internet to sing your praises. Consumers have been shown to trust customer reviews as much as personal recommendations—and more than any other form of marketing. It’s natural, then, that companies have flocked to the social sharing site/app Pinterest to try to get in on some of those consumer warm-and-fuzzies.

But companies that invest in advertising on Pinterest have not, up to now, had a reliable way to fully measure their ROI. Oracle Data Cloud is a third-party partner that measures campaign impact in terms of in-store sales. But when it comes to website visits resulting from Pinterest, many companies have had to rely on their own self-reporting.

Now it’s looking like companies will have more tools to gauge their Pinterest metrics than ever before. Adweek and Advertising Age are reporting that Pinterest has just added 15 third-party ad tech partners to help companies target users and measure results.

It’s crucial that these measurements be made by third-party partners, since transparency and impartiality are fundamental to the trust companies have in Pinterest.

Thinking about expanding your social media presence into Pinterest? Now that it’s becoming easier than ever to measure the impact of your dollars, it may be the right time to dive in!