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Learn Your Auto Brand’s Voice—and Speak It Clearly

Let me tell you about a car I want to sell you: It’s got four tires. It’s mostly made of metal. Goes forward and backward, with room for people inside.

Interested? Or do you even know what kind of car I’m talking about?

Probably not.

But what if I tell you it’s a sporty-yet-reliable car? Or how about a family car with roots in outdoor adventure? Or maybe it’s a race-inspired car that will add excitement to your life? Now we’re probably getting somewhere.

On the surface, one car, truck, van or SUV is basically like any other. The way auto brands distinguish themselves comes down to being able to quickly and accurately communicate what’s at the heart of their brandto speak in their brand’s voice.

Subaru is love and life. Porsche is awe-inspiring performance. Audi is unconventional luxury, and so on.

Communicating the brand voice is crucial during every phase of the buyer’s journey, from initial awareness, through interest and consideration, all the way to decision and purchase. If used correctly, your customer should be able to recognize your brand’s voice in your TV spots, website, dealership or conversations with your staff, all without ever seeing a logo.

Here are some actionable tips to help you and your staff speak your brand voice clearly and confidently:

  • Explore your auto manufacturer’s corporate brand guidelines, and share them with your staff. Talk to them about what your brand identity means and how it can be expressed through sales and service interactions.
  • Discuss your brand voice with your marketing department or agency partners. Make sure all parties understand the brand voice in the same way to avoid confusion when it comes to creating marketing materials.
  • Make it your own. While you don’t want to create a disconnect between how customers are introduced nationally to your car brand to what they experience in your dealership, you know your local audience best, and can help interpret the corporate brand in a way that is meaningful for them.

By owning and clearly communicating in your brand’s voice, you can create a holistic buying experience for your customers, and build a base for brand loyalty for years to come.