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How to Tell if Your Website Needs a Transformation

We’ve just unveiled a brand-new version of, and we’re over the moon about its new look and capabilities, if we do say so ourselves. But it’s worth asking: Why did we decide to redesign our website? 

There are probably as many answers to that question as there are freshly designed websites going live today. In other words, a LOT of answers. For us and other marketing agencies like us, it can be a fairly nuanced set of reasons: Aesthetics. Functionality. Fresh creative that needs to see the light of day. 

At its core, our reason can be summed up like this—it was just time. We haven’t undergone a rebranding campaign. We didn’t design a new logo or change our color palette. What we did do, however, is realize that we had more to offer those who will spend a little time in our corner of the Internet. So we’ve endeavored to make the visit more memorable, more useful and ultimately more satisfying. 

Whether it might be time for YOU to undertake a redesign and relaunch of your web presence is a matter that deserves some clear-eyed reflection. As with your brand and your logo, you may have a heartfelt attachment to your website design. You may be telling yourself that you need to dance with the one who brought you this far, or some similar turn of phrase that could convince you it’s a good idea to keep the status quo for another year. Or two.

So take two big steps back and ask yourself if your site can endure the harsh glare of these questions:

  • Does your website match your brand?
  • Does it stand up well alongside your competitors’ sites?
  • Is it mobile friendly?
  • Does it feature all the functions your visitors could conceivably want and need when they look you up online?

When you, too, decide that “it’s just time,” give us a call. We’ll work with you to give your website the shot in the arm it needs to modernize your image—and revitalize your business.