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How Manufacturers Can Make “Yes” the Only Logical Choice

According to a 2014 survey by the Content Marketing Institute, only 30% of manufacturing companies say that they are effective at content marketing. In the same survey, respondents indicated that they felt videos were among the most effective marketing tactics they used.

So how can manufacturers use videos to market even more effectively? The key is to create content that engages potential customers by illustrating not just what a product or technology does—but how it can uniquely solve a particular problem.

Manufacturers and industrial service providers are experts at pinpointing the precise details, measurements and physical characteristics that make their products effective. But in describing these features, they often neglect to complete the picture for customers by clearly stating their products’ benefits.

Think of it as doing the legwork for your customers so that their only logical response is to buy your product. If, for example, you simply describe how a piece of machinery works, the prospective customer has to connect the dots to figure out how they could apply your product to their problem or process. But if you tell them how your machinery is going to make their lives easier—how it will help save them time or money, for example—all they have to do is say “yes.”

It’s understandable that manufacturers focus on specs and precision. That’s why partnering with an agency can be an excellent idea. You’ll know it’s the right fit if the group you meet with knows how to listen and ask the right questions to understand your products and processes. They’ll explore what customers are looking for, and then tell your story in a way that quickly and clearly conveys the benefits of your offerings—not just the cold, hard facts.

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