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Spring Cleaning: Is It Time for a Website Redesign?

The web moves fast. With tech geniuses constantly devising improvements and innovations, what was cutting-edge six months ago can be basic today. A website from 10 years ago? It might as well be in a museum. How can you make sure your business’ website is up to snuff? It doesn’t mean you have to redesign your site every year. The trick is to have a flexible website that allows for growth and change without overdoing it on gimmicks and trends. With good research, careful planning and a top-notch design team, you can make sure your business website does what you need it to do. Here’s our best advice on website redesigns: Read more »

How to Tell if Your Website Needs a Transformation

We’ve just unveiled a brand-new version of, and we’re over the moon about its new look and capabilities, if we do say so ourselves. Here’s why we decided to take the plunge, and what you should look for in determining whether your own website could use a refresh. Read more »