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Facebook Content: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Every Facebook user has felt the sting of an unnoticed post. You come up with a funny image, poignant observation or perfect joke, and all you hear is crickets. How is it that some things you share get lots of likes and shares, and others seem to disappear into the ether? Facebook uses many algorithms and factors in determining what people see and when. Read more »

Is That Cool Line Worth a Lawsuit?

Not all ad agencies are created equal when it comes to dealing with complex regulations and ever-changing state and federal laws. Truth be told, some agencies aren’t even adept at following basic FTC guidelines. All agencies, ourselves included, are prone to falling in love with our creative, the sure sell, the big idea. The difference is that some agencies will simply run with the big idea, failing to test it against laws, industry regulations and reality. Read more »