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Why the Integrated Marketing Campaign Is Still King

There’s no shortage of discussion these days about digital vs. traditional advertising, typically along the lines of extolling the former and downplaying the later. What you might not hear enough of, though, is the increasing need to consider digital with traditional when it comes to your next marketing campaign. The massive shift toward online and social media marketing has not left any of the old platforms of radio, television or print advertising for dead, nor has it crowded a de facto king of attention-getting. The result, rather, is a highly stratified marketing media landscape, one that features tweets and banner ads along with broadcast radio and outdoor billboards. Read more »

How to Make YouTube Ads People Will Actually Watch (4 Tips)

Pre-roll ads—the short commercials that play before online videos—are a relatively new attempt to capture viewer attention for advertisers. But alas, according to a recent consumer study by Magna and IPG Media Lab, 65% of viewers skip them as soon as they get the chance. Here’s how you can keep potential customers from skipping your messages. Read more »

How to Make a Commercial: Five Do’s and Don’ts

We took an informal, office-wide poll to find out what people respond to—and what bugs them—about car commercials. Sure, we’re all marketing and advertising professionals here at St. Gregory Group, but we’re also potential customers. Here are our do’s and don’ts for car commercials. Read more »

Why Event Marketing Is Different

At St. Gregory Group, we have a 20-year track record of drawing big crowds. In that time, we’ve learned that event marketing is different than marketing anything else. It requires a level of urgency, targeting, strategy and execution that demands absolute perfection, in a short amount of time, because the only consumer touchpoint for an event is the promotion itself. Read more »