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Nielsen’s Accreditation Suspended: Now What?

Author Janet Slaughter By Janet Slaughter
Date September 21, 2021
Good marketing agencies use data to inform their strategy. And at St. Gregory, we pride ourselves on being more than good. Data and quantitative experience are the backbone of the decisions we make on behalf of our clients. However, what happens when there are questions surrounding that data’s integrity? This…

How to Grow Your Business with a Referral Program

Author Kyle O'Daniel By Kyle O'Daniel
Date September 7, 2021
If you’re a franchise marketer, retailer and consumer services advertiser, you’re likely investing significant resources in lead generation. New customers are, after all, the fuel your brand needs for sustained growth. Typically, residential service firms and franchise networks alike focus a large proportion of their marketing budget on generating fresh…

How to Maximize Your Small Business Marketing Efforts

Author Steve Bleh By Steve Bleh
Date August 21, 2021
For small business owners, every dollar counts. Combine that with the fact that there are about a million different ways to advertise, and the concept of marketing may feel utterly overwhelming. Take a deep breath. While a small business owner may never have the same resources and budget as larger…

What is Bounce Rate?

Author Alex Webb By Alex Webb
Date August 11, 2021
Today, in marketing, a lack of data usually isn’t the problem. Quite the opposite. Generally there is too much—from reach to viewable impressions, CTR (click-through-rate) to video view rate, cost per click to cost per acquisition. How do you cut through the noise to what really matters? Well, for starters,…

How to Measure Direct Mail and Print Advertising

Author Alex Webb By Alex Webb
Date July 27, 2021
Direct mail marketing and print advertising can be powerful additions to a comprehensive marketing strategy. Don’t believe it? According to Smallbizgenius, people who receive a piece of direct mail spend 28% more than those who don’t. At St. Gregory, we’ve been helping businesses launch direct mail advertising campaigns and print…

Grow Your Lunch Business

Author Steve Bleh By Steve Bleh
Date July 7, 2021
Too many food service operators—particularly in casual restaurant formats, and specifically, the more premium casual restaurant concepts—misjudge the multiplier effect of a strong weekday lunch business. Sure, you can simplify the menu and turn over the tables a lot (sometimes) faster, but some operators still argue that even so, there’s…

Why the Integrated Marketing Campaign Is Still King

Author Kyle O'Daniel By Kyle O'Daniel
Date June 21, 2021
There’s no shortage of discussion these days about digital vs. traditional advertising, typically along the lines of extolling the former and downplaying the later. What you might not hear enough of, though, is the increasing need to consider digital with traditional when it comes to your next marketing campaign. The…

Community Engagement and Event Marketing for Local Business

Author Daniel Lally By Daniel Lally
Date May 7, 2021
For a restaurant or home services company, name recognition and trust are core assets—and any lack of that positive awareness can be a big hurdle to your marketing success. Your investment in traditional and digital advertising and social media engagement are just table stakes. But there’s another way to help…