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Linear TV vs. OTT vs. Addressable TV

Author Janet Slaughter By Janet Slaughter
Date February 7, 2022
Congratulations! You’ve decided that the best use for your marketing dollars is to run a television commercial. Whew! Hard decision made; now you can kick back and relax, right? Not quite; you still need to decide between linear, OTT, and addressable TV. Yes, thanks to the of rise streaming services…

Engagement Rate: Google Analytics 4 Feature

Author stgregory By stgregory
Date January 29, 2022
Google Analytics 4, also known simply as “GA4,” is the latest iteration of Google Analytics. (The previous version, which was technically Google Analytics 3, is most commonly referred to as “Universal Analytics.”) GA4 is drastically different than Universal Analytics; in fact, the differences could fill a book. Today, we’re going…

How to Grow Your Business with a Referral Program

Author Kyle O'Daniel By Kyle O'Daniel
Date September 7, 2021
If you’re a franchise marketer, retailer and consumer services advertiser, you’re likely investing significant resources in lead generation. New customers are, after all, the fuel your brand needs for sustained growth. Typically, residential service firms and franchise networks alike focus a large proportion of their marketing budget on generating fresh…

Honda, Hippos and Photoshop Tips—Oh, My!

Author Scotty Swemba By Scotty Swemba
Date November 15, 2020
As a designer, you know the phrase, “make it pretty,” all too well. You’re often asked to work your magic on a variety of projects—and it’s not always limited to websites or brochures. In fact, sometimes things are a bit more … shall we say … environmental. Take vehicle wraps,…

Millennial Moms and the Market of the Future

Author Sarah Fisher By Sarah Fisher
Date October 23, 2019
The hand that rocks the cradle, they say … Our mothers’ opinions become ours from a young age and when we’re old enough to have our own opinions, we often still trust that mother knows best. Or, at least she sets the starting point. So, where do today’s Millennial moms…

Reality Check—Have You Relegated SEO to the Back Burner?

Author Baihley Gentry By Baihley Gentry
Date September 4, 2019
Amidst these days of digital dominance, it’s rare to find a business that doesn’t understand—and try to capitalize on—the importance of good SEO. In fact, you’ll find that most organizations, regardless of size, agree it’s among the most vital factors for long-term success. And yet there are still some that…

To Know Your Customer, You Just Need to Ask the Right Questions

Author Josh Roflow By Josh Roflow
Date August 5, 2019
  Ask most business owners who their customer is and they’ll likely point to demographic characteristics or the different types of media they consume to support their answer. While these data points always are important, they’re just that—data points—without a more intimate understanding of what drives your customer to make…