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Keeping Your Business Social Media Safe

Author Stan Schulte By Stan Schulte
Date December 29, 2022
More often we hear stories about local businesses becoming the victims of hackers, losing access to their business’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media accounts. Stolen accounts can severely damage any business’s reputation and effectively limit its ability to communicate with customers. The worst part is that if your…

Social Media Design

Author Antoine Percy By Antoine Percy
Date February 25, 2021
Great visuals are a critical component to having a successful social media design and social media marketing that drives engagement. This is even more important on highly visual channels like Facebook and Instagram. Here are some tips that will help you become that social media champion and ensure your social…

Too Tired to Think. Tell Me What I Need and I’ll Probably Buy It.

Author Katie Putnam By Katie Putnam
Date January 29, 2020
  In today’s world we’ve taken the very definition of multitasking to an entirely new level. We’re bingeing the latest season of The Crowne on Netflix while scrolling through our Instagram feed. We’re listening to a podcast while adding something to Facebook Marketplace. We’re downloading books from the local library…

Millennial Moms and the Market of the Future

Author Antoine Percy By Antoine Percy
Date October 23, 2019
The hand that rocks the cradle, they say … Our mothers’ opinions become ours from a young age and when we’re old enough to have our own opinions, we often still trust that mother knows best. Or, at least she sets the starting point. So, where do today’s Millennial moms…

Goodhart’s Law and Starting with Why

Author Daniel Lally By Daniel Lally
Date August 21, 2019
Social media and other digital channels have given analytical marketers exactly what they’ve always wanted: more numbers to drop in a spreadsheet. I’m not dismissive. Data is very useful and important. It’s how we determine how to invest resources, where to double down, when to cut our losses, switch channels…