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They’re Really Smart and Coming for Our Jobs

Author Steve Bleh By Steve Bleh
Date July 6, 2023
Steve Bleh, SVP of St. Gregory, leads a team of Glendale Elementary fifth-graders in a market-audience identification exercise as part of the agency’s Adopt A Class engagement with Mrs. Brown’s classroom. When we introduced new leadership at St. Gregory, my partners and I started looking for new community service opportunities…

The Future of Marketing, According to the Google

Author Stan Schulte By Stan Schulte
Date May 31, 2023
Google held its annual Google Marketing Live virtual event on May 23rd, and if you’re familiar with the evolution of the Google Ads Platform, you should already know which buzzwords are coming out of it. During this event, the Google Ads (and various other teams) at Google showcase their advancing…

The End of the Story at Silicon Valley Bank

Author Daniel Lally By Daniel Lally
Date May 16, 2023
It’s fashionable for agencies and agency types to pump out whitepapers and think pieces tying any current bit of news to their particular discipline. Open LinkedIn on any given Friday and you’re likely to find deeply thought-out, if not researched, posts like “What Marketers Can Learn from this Year’s Kentucky…

What Business Data Privacy Regulations Mean To You

Author Stan Schulte By Stan Schulte
Date September 15, 2022
As digital marketing and our Internet culture evolve, so do changes in consumer privacy laws and how small- to medium-size businesses must operate. In a nutshell, these rules and laws create protections for consumers on how companies can use, sell, transfer, and handle their personal information. While there isn’t yet…