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The Future of Marketing, According to the Google

Author Stan Schulte By Stan Schulte
Date May 31, 2023
Google held its annual Google Marketing Live virtual event on May 23rd, and if you’re familiar with the evolution of the Google Ads Platform, you should already know which buzzwords are coming out of it. During this event, the Google Ads (and various other teams) at Google showcase their advancing…

Keeping Your Business Social Media Safe

Author Stan Schulte By Stan Schulte
Date December 29, 2022
More often we hear stories about local businesses becoming the victims of hackers, losing access to their business’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media accounts. Stolen accounts can severely damage any business’s reputation and effectively limit its ability to communicate with customers. The worst part is that if your…

What Business Data Privacy Regulations Mean To You

Author Stan Schulte By Stan Schulte
Date September 15, 2022
As digital marketing and our Internet culture evolve, so do changes in consumer privacy laws and how small- to medium-size businesses must operate. In a nutshell, these rules and laws create protections for consumers on how companies can use, sell, transfer, and handle their personal information. While there isn’t yet…

Digital Acronyms And The Ones You Need To Know

Author Stan Schulte By Stan Schulte
Date August 15, 2022
Do just a quick Google search and you’ll encounter hundreds of digital acronyms. With so many options out there, how do you know which are important to understand and track? In modern digital advertising, everything should be data- and goal-driven. If you know these 9 digital acronyms, you’ll gain critical…

Multichannel vs. Omnichannel Marketing – What’s Best for Your Business

Author Stan Schulte By Stan Schulte
Date July 19, 2022
The terms “multichannel” and “omnichannel” have gained prevalence in recent years as both marketing tactics and consumer/client knowledge have expanded. While many think they are synonymous, there are key differences between the two marketing styles, especially in determining which model is best for your business.   What is Omnichannel Marketing? First,…

YouTube Content Ideas for Consumer Service Companies 

Author Alex Webb By Alex Webb
Date March 7, 2022
Brainstorming ways to spread the word about your business? If so, YouTube should definitely be on your to-do list. Unfortunately, many companies, consumer service oriented and otherwise, shy away from the platform. That hesitation usually stems from either concerns about the time and skill commitment making videos would require or…

Why Doesn’t My Vendor’s Report Match Google Analytics?

Author Alex Webb By Alex Webb
Date September 1, 2020
Help. The clicks my vendor is showing don’t match what I’m seeing in Google Analytics! Unfortunately, this is a very common problem. In fact, we’d say it’s the norm! Usually, the number of clicks the vendor is reporting is significantly higher than what you’re seeing in Google Analytics, which can…

Spotting Fraud and Reconciling Ad Traffic with Google Analytics

Author Alex Webb By Alex Webb
Date June 11, 2020
In this series of posts, I’ve addressed some of the reasons why what Google Analytics reports may not align with the numbers you’re receiving from advertising partners. In this edition, I’ll address two more potential causes that may be more difficult to resolve. Clicks Counted as Direct Traffic A lot…

Diagnosis and Treatment of Web Analytics Errors

Author Alex Webb By Alex Webb
Date May 21, 2020
  Multiple digital campaigns running on different platforms can make measuring results more complicated than we’d like. The challenge is particularly acute when comparing your own Google Analytics to reporting from a third-party partner. In a previous article, I discussed how one of the main causes of discrepancies is conflating…