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Maintaining Your Brand: Brand Style Guides 101

Author Antoine Percy By Antoine Percy
Date May 18, 2022
Why should your company have brand guidelines, including a style guide? Let’s answer that with a quick exercise. Have you ever seen a blue McDonald’s arch? How about the Target bullseye: is it ever green instead of red? Or the Starbucks logo: is the mermaid sometimes green, sometimes yellow, and…

Honda, Hippos and Photoshop Tips—Oh, My!

Author Scotty Swemba By Scotty Swemba
Date November 15, 2020
As a designer, you know the phrase, “make it pretty,” all too well. You’re often asked to work your magic on a variety of projects—and it’s not always limited to websites or brochures. In fact, sometimes things are a bit more … shall we say … environmental. Take vehicle wraps,…

Today’s Test Is Multiple Choice

Author Antoine Percy By Antoine Percy
Date September 13, 2019
If you’ve ever sat through a long meeting debating the relative merits of the headline in concept #2 versus the color choice in #7 (or maybe with the design of concept #16?), then you’ve seen firsthand how approaching a marketing challenge from too many angles is basically like not approaching…

Design Thinking

Author Antoine Percy By Antoine Percy
Date July 29, 2016
If you’re of the opinion that design is a frivolous afterthought or a feature that’s ultimately peripheral to a product’s success, here’s why you should reconsider. Read more »