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2023: A Year in Review

Author Katie Putnam By Katie Putnam
Date January 16, 2024
The new year is in full swing, and we’re excited about all that it has in store for our clients and team! 2023 was an exciting and memorable one at St. Gregory. We’ve put together some highlights from the past twelve months, read on to see what we’ve been up…

Should We All Be Worried About AI?

Author Katie Putnam By Katie Putnam
Date June 14, 2023
By now, you’ve heard a lot about ChatGPT—the free AI writing tool that can churn out everything from social media captions to TV scripts to longform articles. (This blog, by the way, was written by a human.) It’s impressively coherent…and can fill a page much faster than a copywriter. There’s…

Maintaining Your Brand: Brand Style Guides 101

Author Antoine Percy By Antoine Percy
Date May 18, 2022
Why should your company have brand guidelines, including a style guide? Let’s answer that with a quick exercise. Have you ever seen a blue McDonald’s arch? How about the Target bullseye: is it ever green instead of red? Or the Starbucks logo: is the mermaid sometimes green, sometimes yellow, and…

Social Media Design

Author Antoine Percy By Antoine Percy
Date February 25, 2021
Great visuals are a critical component to having a successful social media design and social media marketing that drives engagement. This is even more important on highly visual channels like Facebook and Instagram. Here are some tips that will help you become that social media champion and ensure your social…

Honda, Hippos and Photoshop Tips—Oh, My!

Author Scotty Swemba By Scotty Swemba
Date November 15, 2020
As a designer, you know the phrase, “make it pretty,” all too well. You’re often asked to work your magic on a variety of projects—and it’s not always limited to websites or brochures. In fact, sometimes things are a bit more … shall we say … environmental. Take vehicle wraps,…

When the Facts Are on Your Side …

Author Daniel Lally By Daniel Lally
Date July 28, 2020
  There’s a saying among litigators that goes something like this: If the facts are on your side, pound the facts. If the law is on your side, pound the law. If neither is on your side, pound the table. The thing about that maxim is that it works equally…

What Do Your Friends Think?

Author Steve Bleh By Steve Bleh
Date June 25, 2020
Marketing professionals are inundated with data. We have economic indicators, demographics, web analytics, SKU mixes, pivot tables to compare trendlines and dashboards to keep track of whatever random statistic the boss or the board is likely to ask about next. We’re confirmed believers in the science of marketing. The data…

CREATIVEMANIA: Can Your Brand Withstand a Smackdown?

Author Scotty Swemba By Scotty Swemba
Date November 7, 2019
You’ve been given the task of creating a powerful, engaging message for a brand. The boss is ready for you—wanting to hear what ideas you’ve got. You weren’t given much time, but you’ve been practicing your lines all morning. They have to be short and sweet. Something catchy. Memorable, immutable….