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What’s The Big Deal with Ambassadors, Thought Leaders, and Influencers?

Author Josh Roflow By Josh Roflow
Date July 28, 2022
You’ve run a successful business for years, building up a recognizable and respected brand. Your clients are complimentary, loyal, and reach out to your company without hesitation whenever they are in need. So, nothing to worry about, right? Not so fast. While you may have noteworthy brand assets and appeal,…

How to Develop Blog Ideas

Author Stan Schulte By Stan Schulte
Date June 30, 2022
Struggling to come up with blog ideas for your company’s website? Developing a steady stream of blog post ideas can seem daunting, but we’re willing to bet there are some great resources right at your fingertips. Read on for our top six tips to develop great blog ideas right now!…

4 Rules for Cause Branding with a Case Study

Author Daniel Lally By Daniel Lally
Date June 15, 2022
You don’t need a business school study to tell you that cause branding matters to your business. You can just ask your customers. Large percentages of consumers (and business customers are just consumers that have to rationalize their decisions a bit more) are heavily influenced in their purchase decisions by…

Maintaining Your Brand: Brand Style Guides 101

Author Antoine Percy By Antoine Percy
Date May 18, 2022
Why should your company have brand guidelines, including a style guide? Let’s answer that with a quick exercise. Have you ever seen a blue McDonald’s arch? How about the Target bullseye: is it ever green instead of red? Or the Starbucks logo: is the mermaid sometimes green, sometimes yellow, and…

When the Facts Are on Your Side …

Author Daniel Lally By Daniel Lally
Date July 28, 2020
  There’s a saying among litigators that goes something like this: If the facts are on your side, pound the facts. If the law is on your side, pound the law. If neither is on your side, pound the table. The thing about that maxim is that it works equally…

The Power of Purpose: A Now-Vital Need for Every Brand

Author Josh Roflow By Josh Roflow
Date July 2, 2020
  Purpose: it’s a big deal. To individuals, to businesses, to brands, to life. If you look at life under a microscope lately, you’ll see some pretty intense things. The proverbial petri dish is full—overflowing, some might say. In between the COVID-19 global crisis, we’re grappling with longstanding issues of…

The Best Experience … Possible

Author Steve Bleh By Steve Bleh
Date May 7, 2020
  In every category, there’s a baseline level of competence that customers expect. But long-term brand success depends on the consumer preferring not just your product, but the experience of doing business with you. If the food is perfect, but the atmosphere is unattractive, diners won’t come back. If your…

CREATIVEMANIA: Can Your Brand Withstand a Smackdown?

Author Scotty Swemba By Scotty Swemba
Date November 7, 2019
You’ve been given the task of creating a powerful, engaging message for a brand. The boss is ready for you—wanting to hear what ideas you’ve got. You weren’t given much time, but you’ve been practicing your lines all morning. They have to be short and sweet. Something catchy. Memorable, immutable….