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2023: A Year in Review

2023 A Year in Review

The new year is in full swing, and we’re excited about all that it has in store for our clients and team! 2023 was an exciting and memorable one at St. Gregory. We’ve put together some highlights from the past twelve months, read on to see what we’ve been up to… 

A New Home
In April, we moved our offices to the historic Longworth Hall after being in Deerfield Township for a decade. Being centrally located in the heart of downtown and close to so many attractions while also being closer to our clients is a win-win. The flexibility of Longworth Hall has allowed us to create a space that inspires creative thinking while maintaining efficiency and productivity. We were also able to finally build that dream office bar. A goal for 2024 is to have it stocked with the best bourbon we can get our hands on. 

We Love Data
We’ve stayed busy this year and we have the numbers to prove it. Here are just a few fun figures from 2023:
• 215,296,742 Digital Ad Impressions
• 1332 Projects Completed
• 3,259 Cups of coffee
• 40,000+ tailgaters in our parking lot 

Welcoming Fresh Talent
We hired two new members of the creative team. Abigail joined us in June as our newest designer, and Katie came on board in October as Senior Copywriter. Many agencies outsource freelance creative talent, but we prefer to have a full in-house team that is 100% dedicated to and aligned with our clients and their needs.  

A Few Client Highlights
Our clients had an exciting year! It has been an honor to help them achieve their goals and watch their successes. Here are just a few memorable projects and events from 2023…

GECU The Talk

The People’s Choice
General Electric Credit Union was recently voted Best Credit Union by Cincinnati’s Best: The Official Community’s Choice Awards. This came after our big launch of The Talk Campaign. Our aim with this campaign was to make people question their relationship with their bank. Did you know that on average, people stay with their bank longer than they stay in relationships? Way longer. They’re hesitant to break up with their banks—it’s too much hassle and they’re all the same anyway, right? Imagine if you needed therapy for your relationship… with your bank. Could there be a better match out there, like GECU? 

The scene: Harold and his therapist discuss his relationship woes. It’s clearly not going well for Harold. At first, we—and the therapist—think he’s talking about his romantic partner. It quickly becomes apparent that Harold has another relationship on his mind: his bank. The message is clear—it’s time to break up with your bank. You deserve better. The Talk launched in September and we’re looking forward to watching it continue to roll out in 2024. Watch it here.

Beechmont Automotive Group continued to prove its commitment to customer satisfaction and the community this past year. Both Porsche and Volvo completely renovated their dealerships to better serve their customer’s needs. Porsche’s spectacular new facility boasts next-generation amenities, with a focus on the ultimate customer experience. Every detail of the new space feels luxurious and makes you want to drive away in a new Porsche.

Volvo’s completely remodeled showroom and larger, state-of-the-art service department are now equipped to handle more capacity, with increased loaner vehicle availability and more certified Volvo technicians and service staff than ever before. The new showroom allows the customer to browse all the latest Volvo models in a large, open, and airy environment. 

Big Things Coming
Snappy Tomato Pizza got a rebrand! Our goal was to capture the essence of what it means to be Snappy — quality and freshness being at the heart of everything they do—and translate that to all brand materials, from pizza boxes, to store interiors, to shirts – you name it, we did it. We took a deep dive into the world of Snappy (we had a LOT of pizza in 2023) and developed a comprehensive brand identity to set them apart from the competition. We are incredibly excited about the outcome and can’t wait for the big reveal later this year.

Community Driven
Great Parks kicked off 2023 with a new look that reflects their core values: sustainability and conservation. Our objective was to devise an effective marketing and advertising strategy for 2023 to introduce the rebrand, while simultaneously educating the community about Great Parks’ commitment to the betterment of Hamilton County. We decided to shift from only advertising during the warm summer months, to putting strong media out around their slogan Find Your Wild year-round. The result was an impactful campaign for 2023 with a focus on what sets Great Parks apart from other local parks—130,000 trees planted and counting! 17,700 acres preserved and counting!— and eye-catching imagery.  

We are full of gratitude for another successful year (our 31st!) at St. Gregory. To all our clients – thank you for trusting us with your brand and making some of our favorite moments of 2023 possible. Wishing you all the best in 2024, we’re looking forward to creating more memories with you.

If you’re looking for help developing a custom marketing or advertising strategy for your business, we would love to chat with you. Contact us to explore how we can work together to take your brand to the next level in 2024.