Reflections of a Year Well Spent

The year is drawing to a close, and we’re preparing for some well-earned time with our families and friends—hopefully you are as well.

During this time, it’s always fun to take a look back and see what the last 12 months have given us, not to mention review what we learned. We don’t like to toot our own horn of course, but from here, 2017 sure looks like a successful year for St. Gregory group!

New Clients, New Growth

One of our most important measures of success, and the thing that brings us the most professional joy, is producing strategies and work that help our partners grow. We continued to do that in 2017 for both our longest-held clients and the new businesses we were fortunate enough to meet and assist.

Casper & Casper, Attorneys at Law, joined the SGG client roster in 2017, giving us the opportunity to build them an all-new website and advertising campaign.

Also new to the SGG family was the Great Parks of Hamilton County, which protects and preserves more than 17,000 acres and hosts events that entertain and educate the public year-round.

Another standout new client was Rapid Fired Pizza, a concept pizza restaurant that has grown from one location to 25 in less than two years.

That’s all in addition to our long-standing clients, particularly in the automotive space, which SGG helped produce sales increases as high as 217% year-over-year.

New Faces, New Responsibilities

SGG also saw some new faces join (and in one case leave again) in 2017.

Tim Fagel joined the team as a Media Planner & Buyer. Tim brought expertise in digital media buying and analytics, and helped our clients better measure and optimize their digital programs, producing some great results for clients such as Hart Productions.

Barrett Condy was brought on as Creative Director. He came to SGG from a global advertising agency focused on B2B, and enjoyed bringing a unique perspective to clients such as Grote Industries and SGG’s various dealer groups.

Janet Slaughter was recently promoted to Media Director, bringing a fresh sense of leadership to one of SGG’s most experienced and highly decorated teams.

And finally, Alex Gerome, our co-op student from the University of Cincinnati, did two semesters with us, showing us what the great program at UC’s Design, Art, Architecture and Planning school has to offer. We’re sad to see her leave us again to continue her studies, but we wish her the best and expect great things from her in the future.

New Ways to Have Fun

We’re serious about business here at SGG—except when we’re not. Case in point, this year’s holiday video message to our clients. We demonstrated (again and again) that the “St.” stood for Santa, even though many of our Santas seemed to belong on the naughty list.

Enjoy our silly video, enjoy the holidays however you choose to celebrate, and we’ll see you in 2018!