How to Hire an Ad Agency: Questions to Ask

You know your business inside and out. But when it comes to marketing and advertising, a little extra help – especially from proven professionals – can go a long way.

Hiring a great advertising and marketing agency can help you reach new customers, develop and deepen relationships with existing customers, and most importantly, increase awareness of your brand – and as a bonus, maybe even give you new insights into your business.

Consider what your business needs and goals are, and then start searching for potential partners. The relationship between your business and an agency should be based on respect and understanding. More than anything else, you should look for a creative agency that has the right range of expertise for your needs and feels like a good fit.

Getting to know an ad agency is half first date, half job interview. We recommend you ask these questions to any marketing or advertising agency you’re considering working with:

  • How has your firm grown over the years?
  • What mediums do you specialize in? (such as print, broadcast, online, mobile)
  • Have you heard of my business/brand?
  • One of my issues is X — how might you help me?
  • What is your process for onboarding a new client?
  • What’s one of your recent wins?

Once you’ve determined the agency is a good fit for your needs, sit down to discuss the scope of the work, budgets and timelines.

When you start a relationship with an agency on the right foot, you’re sure to be in step. Have more questions or concerns about finding the right fit for you? Let us know. At St. Gregory Group, we’re happy to answer these and any others you may have.